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ATN's Mission Statement

Important to read and keep in mind at all times: Keeping things friendly.

All Together Now was started by a small group of real life friends who took advantage of some free server transfers to come together on one server and play a game we all loved. We wanted a social guild built on silliness and love, where we care what happens in the lives of our players, not just in game--a family: the somewhat kooky one that you build for yourself instead of being born into.

We have a guild IRC to chat when we’re not in game, forums that are as likely to talk about real life stuff as they are theorycrafting, a second guild and guild bank just to help people level professions, have real life guild get togethers whenever we can and LAN parties, cheer as hard for "Level 10" as we do "Not One, But Two Jormungars" and laugh our butts off regularly in vent.

Wait, was that a raid achievement mentioned--in a social guild? About a year ago, we decided to go to Naxx, just for fun, because most of us had never raided *anything*--and we advertised for pugs (we couldn’t even fill a 10 man) with the phrase "Beginners Welcome".

Since that first downing of Anub’Reckhan with a bunch of ‘beginners’--we’ve quadrupled in size, raid every week, are deep into end game progression, farm some of the tough stuff and yeah, we roll in those raid achievements all the time when we’re not busy being social together.

One of the most common questions we get asked, because we still pug and still welcome those beginners and lots of people see us all over the realm, is "Hey, are you guys recruiting?"

And I’m glad to say, no, we are not recruiting, we don’t do that.

We adopt.

Interested in joining or running w/ATN? PLEASE READ!

Thanks for your interest in All Together Now! Here's some info on just how to go about joining our crazy family, or how to keep on raiding with us without joining!

Apply! Our guild site is where everything happens, so whether you're wanting to join or just raid with us, you need to apply to get access to the site! Please note that we require applicants to be 18 years old or over, unless they have a parent or guardian in the guild. Within a day or two of applying, you should be able to log on to the site and get going.  An approved application means you can then get on our site forums, and go the next step which is...

Introduce yourself!
 There is a introductions forum and it's highly recommended everyone take a moment to post there and say "hi". We're not looking for a life story or anything specific...just tell us your toons, how you heard about us, why you're interested, stuff like that.

Join our chat channel in-game! We have a friends chat channel in game (just do /join atnfriends) that is a fantastic way to get to know us if you're wanting to join, and keep in touch for raiding with us if you're not a member. We "pug" from that channel before trade when we're doing stuff like raids or heroics or PVPing or whatever, and our friends there in other guilds will occasionally look for folks for their runs there as well.

Find an Officer!  Once you have applied and introduced yourself in the forums, just find an officer online.  You can ask any ATN member which officers are online, and let them know you'd like to talk to them.  Keep in mind officers are playing the game too, so they might be in instances or busy at the moment, but someone will get with you ASAP in game once you ping us!  You'll then get your ATN...

...Trial invite! For two weeks, you'll have a chance to get to know us, and vice versa! We have a lovely bunch of folks here, and we are mega-low on the dramaz. We want to keep it that way. We raid a lot, but we *are* at our heart a social guild. This two weeks is NOT about judging people. It's not about DPS numbers or raid attendance or any of that nonsense. But it is about making sure our guild keeps its great atmosphere by getting to know each other.

If we feel like maybe you're not fitting in with us, an officer will talk to you long before the 'two weeks' is up, to work out where the disconnect may be. You will *not* get to the end of your Friend membership and suddenly get /gkicked. If you decide "hey, y'all are great, but not quite what I'm looking for in a guild" then that's fine! Just let an officer know you're moving on; there are no bridges burned with us.

If there is anything you're unhappy with, please talk to an officer - we wanna know this stuff! We call it a 'trial' but really, it's about making friends, not jumping through hoops. Just be yourself, and so will we.

Use the site! Pretty much *all* of our event planning happens on our website, as well as a lot of our socializing.  Using the site frequently, reading forums and posting and all that good stuff, is a great way to really fit into ATN quickly and get to know people.   Some raids are open sign ups, some raids are teams and have full rosters so are not open signups, and occasionally raids don't have calendar signups, only forums organizing.  You need to be on the site to not miss out on raids and things, and check those forums and the calendar frequently!

As always, just talk to any officer if you have questions about any of this, and we'll see you in game.
Guild News
Other Guild News

Guild Portal lost two weeks of activity on this site

Ailish_, Jan 3, 13 2:15 PM.
Anything that happened on this site between 15 December 2012 and today, 3 January 2013, has been lost. Guild Portal had a database crash, and their newest good backup was from a few weeks back, which is what we've been reset to.  Anything that changed on this site (including memberships and forum posts) in that gap has been lost, and will need to be redone if we want it to stick.

The Destroyer Has Met His End!

Ailish_, Mar 10, 12 2:03 AM.
On Wednesday night, we ended the madness of Deathwing the Destroyer.  ATN has now cleared tier 13 normal content.

Hooray Ragnaros

atngreg, Dec 8, 11 2:44 PM.
Last night, we downed Ragnaros!  ATN has now cleared normal mode T12!  Wooo hoooo!

This is what he looked like:

ATN Defends a Shattered World

Brewa, Jul 15, 11 7:29 AM.
Al'Akir is dead and with him falls the last of normal mode T11.  Congrats ATN!  Go get your new mounts! :)

Team Pandora downs Nefarian, clearing Black Wing Descent

Ailish_, Jul 8, 11 4:38 AM.
Team Pandora has killed Nefarian, for a complete eradication of the evil in Black Wing Descent!  Congrats to to the guild, and the team!

Upcoming Events
There are no upcoming events.
I wanna raid something!
How do we raid?  ATN style, with patience, laughter and fun! 

We have one raid team that sometimes need fill ins, or may be looking for permanent members, and you can peruse the forums for more info. 
Team Pandora

When fill ins are needed for a team, often a post will be in General Raid Signups.

Various regular dragon killing runs and fun or pick up raids get posted on the Calendar for open signups.

Don't see a raid team you can join, or want to start a new team or raid?  Then go to the General Raid Planning forum and post about it.

And here's a post to fill out your raid wants and availability, so you can let people know you're interested, and people interested in starting a new raid team can peruse for possible members.
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